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First, what do we mean by propagation in free space. In particular, the influence of the earth surface is assumed to be entirely absent. Receiver sensitivity threshold 80dbm n the received power p. The free space model n the relationship between p t and p r is given by p r p t l24pd2 n the wavelength of the carrier is l cf. Determine the isotropic free space loss at 4 ghz for the shortest path to a geosynchronous satellite from earth 35,863 km. In this model, the relationship between the transmitted power p t and the. Microwaves ucl 2 content of the presentation free space losses plane earth losses models for wireless channel macrocells shadowing narrowband fast fading wideband fast fading megacells this presentation is based on the following reference.

Em wave propagation can be described by two complimentary models. In this chapter, our major focus is on em wave propagation in free space and the power resident in the wave. Propagation in free space absorption by atmospheric gases diffraction over terrain refraction and ducting reflections troposcatter rainscatter sporadic e. Saunders, antennas and propagation for wireless communication systems, wiley, 1999. This video introduces the inverse square law and describes some of its implications for wireless applications. It is valid only in the far field region of the transmitting antenna 1 and is based on the. Neither absorbing obstacles nor reflecting surfaces are considered. The free space propagation model is the simplest scenario for the propagation of radio signals. Some of the existing models which have been well validated are the free space path loss propagation model 9. The physicist attempts a theoretical model based on universal laws, which extends the field of application more widely than. Free space radio wave propagation antenna radio waves. A description of power loss during free space propagation of radio waves.

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