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Basic schematic of a pumping system from a well to a storage tank. This book presents a detailed study of photovoltaic water pumping systems. Ratterman, cohen and garwood, solar pumping systems sps. Chilled water plant design guide december 2009 energydesignresources. Feasibility assessment for the replacement of diesel pumps with solar pumps final report. The choice of pump for a given application depends largely on how the pump headflow characteristics match the requirement of the system downstream of the pump. These pump stations may be a part of these other structures. The optimal policy should result in the lowest total operating cost for a given set of boundary conditions and system constraints.

The amount of water pumped is totally dependent on the amount of sunlight. For additional information on other livestock watering systems, as well as solarpowered water pumping systems, contact. A water pump supplies water through primary, secondary, and distributor water mains to supply water to consumers and for fire protection. Direct coupled solar pumping system 5 in directcoupled pumping systems, electricity from the pv modules is sent directly to the pump, which in turn pumps water through a pipe to where it is needed figure 4. When looking for a quick answer or howto, learn from the gwt youtube channel video library or call in for a regularly scheduled 1hour webinar. Each component in the system is studied separately and stands on its types and design approaches.

Therefore, five types of pumping systems are considered. Solar power solar water pump systems water mission. A solar powered water pumping system is made up of two basic components. Designing solar water pumping systems for livestock.

Solarpowered water pump design spreadsheet version ii. Technology overview solar powered water pumps have been in mass production since 1983. The system in figure 2 is a typical domestic water supply system that takes its water from a shallow well 25 feet down max. Feature article solar powered water pumping systems. This guide provides the information to correctly select a pump, controller, sensors, solar array, wiring, and pipe. Abstract this project is a combination of mechanical engineering and sustainable development in developing countries. Pump headflow curves are typically given for clear water.

The total static head therefore depends on the site conditions between the suction and delivery. A concise presentation from two world bank water and energy specialists that gives an overview of pvp technology and discusses its potential for mainstreaming, in terms of possible financing models and the challenges faced. Solarpowered water systems offer safe water and hope for communities across the world and, more often than not, are a favored approach for water mission. Solar water pumping part 2 how to size a system alte solar blog solar water pumping solar water pumping part 2 how to size a system. Introduction photovoltaic pv panels are often used for agricultural operations, especially in remote areas or where the use of an alternative energy source is desired. This is shown in figure 1 for the two alternative suction arrangements. This seminar presents the basics of pumping systems design and specifications for civil engineers. The system pumps from 140 ft to fill a 1600 gallon water storage tank.

In bangladesh, peak electricity demand during the irrigation season increases by almost a quarter, and over 25% of annual. Introduction and feasibility guide, jan 2007, updated 2011. Malawi solar powered water pump system hunter king1 dr. In particular, we are proud to recognize the members of the group at the office of drinking water who worked over many months to revise this edition of the design manual. Water pumping windmills and windmill pumps the best. Windpoered water pumping systems for livestock watering. Design and simulation of photovoltaic water pumping system akihiro oi this thesis deals with the design and simulation of a simple but efficient photovoltaic water pumping system. The water will be pumped from a nearby well up to a water tower located in the orphanage center. July 2009 a self assistance tool developed by ny rural water assoc.

Studies have shown that the technology has improved greatly over the past 30 years, with systems becoming more efficient, costeffective and versatile solar powered 2. The sun pumps submersible pump is said to pump from depths up to 230 ft at rates up to 2 gpm. Xylem applied water systems pump cavitation and how to avoid it best practices in pump system design white paper august 2015 cavitation is not a new phenomenon that can impact a pump system, but it is an issue that is growing. In addition to being beneficial for the environment especially when compared to systems powered by generators, solarpowered pumps are sustainable for the communities that operate them. A photovoltaic solar powered pump system has three parts. Design of plumbing systems for multistorey buildings. Pdf calculation sheet for designing solar pumping systems. Pumps and pumping system bureau of energy efficiency 118 figure 6. Designing a solar pumping system there are many aspects of designing a solar pumping system. Windpowered water pumping systems are just one of many options available to producers interested in managing their rangelands, providing improved water quality for their livestock and protecting their water supplies. Design of small photovoltaic pv solarpowered water pump systems. Feasibility assessment for the replacement of diesel water. Design of small photovoltaic pv solar powered water pump systems technical note no.

Solar dc water pumps solarpowered water pumping system configurations batterycoupled solar pumping systems system components pump controller charge control regulators batteries directcoupled solar pumping system system component power controllers selecting a solarpowered water pumping system cost livestock water requirements sizing the system. Step 1 determining your basic amount of water required per day. Solar water pumping principles for any solar pumping system, the capacity to pump water is a function of three main variables. This is the fourth edition of the water system design manual. An optimal control system for a water supply pumping system will contain three major components. System price depends on the sizing of the system, i. Pumping systems design nyangasi 031412 page 3 of 15 a total static head the total static head hts in the pumping system is the water level difference between the suction and delivery reservoirs. Flow rate depends on elevation difference or static head 7. The steps for selection of standalone water pumping system were. Goulds water technology xylem applied water systems.

Pdf solar powered water pumping systems researchgate. A solar powered water pumping system is made up of. Solar water pumping for sustainable water supply world bank. There are generally two types of pumps used for potable water pumping applications the vertical turbine pump, line shaft and submersible types, a nd the centrifugal horizontal or vertical split case pump designed for water works service. It provides theoretical studies of photovoltaics and modeling techniques using equivalent electric circuits. First the principles, and later well cover the parts and design basics. Goulds water technology is committed to deliver training in ways that are ideal for todays water industry professionals. For a max pump head of 100 m and max flow rate of 3. To achieve a required flow through a pumping system, we need to calculate what the. This might provide about 600 gallons on a sunny day from a fixed pv array. Other well water systems are gravity fed, and use gravity to provide water pressure to the house. Solar pumping water from a spring with high head requirement. Introduction to pumping stations for water supply systems. Some well water systems use a large storage tank to store the water before it is pumped again to the house.

Pdf, provides stepbystep instructions for us ing a microsoft excel spreadsheet to perform necessary calculations for designing a solar pumping system. With 25 years of designing and manufacturing efficient, off grid, solar powered water pumps and water applications, lorentz are the global leaders in the solar water pumping market. An emphasis is placed on the application of pumping systems in municipal water and wastewater systems. The goal has been to build a windmill driven water pump and to design a smallscale. Standard operating procedure sop water system name. To keep water in the pump and plumbing system from flowing back down into the well, a 1way check valve is installed in the feed line to the pump. Solar water pumping systems in order to design and successfully implement solar water pumping systems, you need an understanding of several concepts as well as information specific to how you will use your system. A home water system has two important components in addition to the well itself a pump and a pressure tank. Solar pv water pumping systems are used for irrigation and drinking water india.

Solar pumping technology covers the entire energy conversion process, from sunlight, to electrical energy, to mechanical energy, to stored energy. This technical note provides guidance for the design of solar powered water pump systems. This system is designed to pump water only during the day. In this paper, several steps are given to select a solarpv water pumping system. Andre butler2 abstract this project will consist of a water pumping system to supply potable water to an orphanage located in the chuluchosema community of malawi, africa. Determining the optimum solar water pumping system for. Solar panels the type and number of solar panels required are a function of.

Review of solar photovoltaic water pumping system technology. The process is broken down into the following steps. Wind energy can be generated using windmills that provide mechanical energy that is used directly on machinery e. Background solar powered water pumps are comprised of three basic components. Water pumping windmills and windmill pumps are the low cost, low wind speed solution for pumping large quantities of water using only the free energy of the wind and are also known as windmill water pumps or just wind pumps. September 2006 page vi abbreviations cbm community based management dp diesel water pump drws directorate of rural water supply dwa department of water affairs ghg green house gases hdpe high density polyethylene met ministry of environment and tourism. For any solar pumping system, the capacity to pump water is a function of three main variables. Many department of health doh employees provided valuable insights and suggestions to this publication. Main pumping stations which supply water to the distribution system will be located near the water treatment facility or a potable water storage facility and will pump directly into the piping system. This new solar system will aim to optimize and use less money in order to pump water to the farm for purposes such as irrigation. Water well pumps and systems how a water well pump works. Pdf design and performance of photovoltaic water pumping.

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