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The fort is believed to be built in 11th century by gakhars in potohar region far from the easily accessible paths, lying in oblivion and mourning its glorious past. The ancient gakhars history of gakhars in urdu gakhar history in urdu the best ancient sources for the gakhars are ferishtas history completed in 1606 and the gakhar history kaygawharnama by rayzada dunichand bali which was written in 1725. Cycling tour 4 to pharwala fort near kahota nuclear plant islamabad pakistan. The mughal emperor, babar conquered the fort in 1519, however, after the. Pharwala fort is about 40 km 25 mi from rawalpindi beyond lehtrar road. Pharwala is an historic fort located about 40 km from rawalpindi in kahuta, punjab. It could have been a day warm and humid as it was in august 1553 when kamran mirzas eyes last beheld the crenulated walls of pharwala fort starkly outlined against a. It is another short distance fort from the capital of pakistan. Founded in 2006, historum is a history forum dedicated to history discussions and historical events. Decorated with mosaic of glass inlaid gypsum, shish mahal is a semioctagon shaped palace of composing chambers.

Pharwala fort as the headquarters of the mountain region, was handed over to jalal khan, one of the chiefs. What was the rawat culture like in ancient pakistan in. Ancient pakistan history 1 discussion in pakistan history started by indus. Attock district, jhelum district, chakwal district and rawalpindi district constitute the potohar plateau.

Pharwala fort the fort was built by the gakhars in the 15th century. The rohtas fort of jhelum almost covers the area of 12. It is a gakhar fort built it in the 15th century on the ruins of a 10thcentury hindi shahi fort. The history of the rise of the mahomedan power in india till the year a. Rehans research gives the date for this event as 1524. Reprinted 1981, oriental books reprint corporation, new delhi, 4 vols. Later, in 1825, sikhs expelled gakhars from this fort. Sultan muqarab khan was the last chief of pharwala. As a reward for his services, he was confirmed in his possession of the fort of pharwala and. Up to 1826, this family was deprived of everything except some property rights in pharwala. His successors were defeated by sardar gojar singh. The ancestor of the present raja, was kaid of isfahan, said to be a son of bahram v, the sassanid ruler of persia, his descendants controlled a sizeable area of the hazara and rawalpindi districts prior to the coming of the muslim invaders from the northnorth west around the 10th11th centuries. Bahawalpur has royal history, and it is now developed as a metropolitan city.

But one thing they all have agreed up on is, that gakhars were very brave, independent and great warriors. The fort is built over the high ridges and protected by deep slopes. It was built by chief physician to the mughal court, ilamuddin ansari, who was widely known as wazir khan. The mughal emperor babur conquered the fort in 1519, however after the mughals reconciled with the gakhars the fort was returned to the gakhars.

The word rawat is derived from an arabic word which means seria or a resting. Sultan kaigohar was an associate of sultan mehmood of ghazna. I read hundreds of books because the area has a rich history and sites of. As far as the history of rawalpindi is concern, rawalpindi has been from thousands of years, it is believed that a distinct culture flourished on this plateau as far in cbc.

Towards one side of the structure is the flowing swaan river and on the other theres a small. Battle of pharwala, 15 march 1519 military history. Search the worlds most comprehensive index of fulltext books. I decide to drive down to the pharwala fort in potohar, which is 40kms away from rawalpindi. Just click the schedule a pickup button below, choose a date for your donation pickup, leave your clearly labeled donations outside on the day you choose, and our driver will pick. The etymology of the word rawat is said to trace back to the arabic word reboot which mean sarai in urdu a roadside inn for travellers. I am collecting some history books like tarikh farista and i need some other refrences to collect the accurate information and history of dhamials. Even now the wells in tehsil kallar syedan are mostly kharra, so that is how kallar came out of kharra term. As this city has been home to most of the kings and nawabs, it is a vital attraction for tourists and history lovers. Important sources for the gakhars are their own tribal history, the kaigohar nama, ferishtas the history of the rise of the mahomedan power in india till the year a. Rawat fort on gt road near rawalpindi and islamabad. However, the marble grave outside kallar syedan puts the transition at 1532. The gakhars, also gakkhar or ghakhar or ghakkar urdu.

History shows that to avenge the murder of his father tatar khan by hathi, sarang had poisoned the latter. The fort was supposed to have been built over the ruins of a fort of the hindu shahi period. Royal baths, also known as the wazir khan hammam, is a persianstyle bath which was built in lahore, pakistan, in 1635 c. The akbarnama of abul fazl, translated from the persian by h. Contemporary historians have also concluded that the buildings design resembles a sarai rather than a. Sarang khan was born at pharwala fort, north punjab and was the eldest son of tatar. For instance, i visited pharwala fort in 1993 for the first time. The residential private section contains the elephant gate leading to the courts in the northern part and the famous shish mahal hall of mirrors of mirror palace.

History of rohtas fort, pakistan is presented in a sequence, making it. The fort is naturally defended by one side by a small himalayan range and the other by the swaan river. Mir muhammad ali known as miran shah travelled from bhakar now sakhar sindh to pharwala fort. Though in a crumbling state, it is still an attraction for castle lovers. The pharwala fort covers about 175 acres and is situated six kilometres north of eleot, on the rawalpindikahuta road. The formidable fort of the gakhars the pharwala fort is believed to have been built by sultan kaigohar gakhar in the 11th century. There are differances among the historians about different things about gakhar. Our community welcomes everyone from around the world to discuss world history, historical periods, and themes in history military history, archaeology, arts and culture, and history in books and movies. No matter how big or small, your donations are needed and appreciated.

This thing tells us that mughals were not the only one who constructed large forts but all the muslim rulers gave the preference to it. Dhamial rajput forum history of dhamial in pothohar. Scvhs presents return to top return to main index photo credits bibliography books for sale is another service of scvtv, a 501c3 nonprofit site contents scvtv additional s apply. Pharwala fort, which is on the left bank of the soan river on the keral hills, was constructed in the 11th century by sultan kaigohar gakhar. When water at tarbela recedes, bharukot fort emerges to reveal an eventful history spanning centuries once occupied by many dynasties between baburs invasion and british rule, the fort. Like the pharwala and sagni the rawat fort is not so far from the islamabad and rawalpindi. History of rawalpindi city historical history of the. The baths were built to serve as a waqf, or endowment, for the. If pakistan shuns the term ancient india in its history books, is it entirely to blame. Pharwala fort historical facts and pictures the history hub. The history of india, as told by its own historians. It is a gakhar fort built in the 15th century on the ruins of a 10th century hindi shahi fort. Pharwala in ruins the defeat of south asias most invincible fort farooq soomro published feb 08, 2016 02.

Griffincheif and families of note in punjab, punjab castes by denzil ibbetson, tehreekejanjua by. Cities such as gujar khan, rawat, attock, mandra etc. That battle is known as ultimate battles of history and history channel has covered. Your used books make a big difference in the lives of americas veterans and their families. When water at tarbela recedes, bharukot fort emerges to.

It is a much larger than the lahore fort sangni fort and pharwala fort of islamabad. On the gt road grand trunk road from rawalpindi to lahore you can find it just 18 kilometers away. This book fills the need for a broad, historically sophisticated. Please do let me know if you have books of lepel h. Sultan sarang khan martyred 1546 was the second chief of the gakhar tribe to hold the title. Guarded by a small part of the himalayan range from one side and the swaan river from the other, this historical fort is believed to have been built in the 11th century by sultan kaigohar gakhar. For convenience of students and general public these informations have been collected in a form of book from various sources like books, websites, newspapers etc. Lahore fort historical facts and pictures the history hub. The nearby town taxila has guinness book of world record for its world oldest civilization and university. Gakhar history this is for all the people who wanted to know their histor y gakhar s history. Its one side is naturally defended by a small himalayan range and the other by the swaan river.

Gakhars a historical warrior clan mostly found in pothohar plateau as there main hub, and in hazara and kashmir also include indian occupied kashmir. Book hotels in pakistan and catch cheap flight online on sastaticket. Where gakkhars ruled making a second visit to pharwala fort after. Pharwala parhala in baburs memoirs itself is about 25 miles to the east of rawalpindi, and was described in some detail by babur. List of historical forts in pakistan that you must visit. The pharwala fort as seen from other side of swaan river. I noticed that the fornication showing in a picture in my book the salt. Any comment and suggestion in the direction of development of the book would be most welcomed. Sultan sarang khan gave him this land as a gift and sent him with his family in kallar. This is the most fabled fort in islamabad territory. In 1519, during one of these incursions, babar decided to make a surprise attack on the gakhar stronghold of pharwala fort near rawalpindi. Important historical places in this region include the rotas fort, rawat fort, mankiala stupa, pharwala fort, katasraj temple etc. Potohar plateau is located in the north of punjab and west of azad kashmir i. This research presents the art and architecture of the pharwala fort which is lying in oblivion.

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